Simple Tips to Prevent House Fires

Every year home electrical problems cause more than 28,000 house fires and massive property damage. Electrical wiring is the root cause of many of these fires, of which countless could have been prevented. May is Electrical Safety Month. MXenergy, an independent energy provider, is encouraging everyone to review key electrical safety tips.


Quiz: Should You Move?

These 10 easy questions will let you know whether you should stay or go.

So you’re at the stoplight of life and can’t decide whether you should stay in your home or move (our magical stoplight doesn’t direct you, it lets you choose). Whether you’re considering job relocation or looking for a kitchen for your new cooking obsession, your decision to move depends on whether you really need to leave. Why go through the hassle of selling a house and moving unless absolutely necessary? Take this quiz to find out if you should greenlight your house sale or think more about renovating.